So I got into SnK now and bought some gear… I love my 3D Maneuver gear, for realz. Now I have another time waster whenever I am stuck wondering wtf to do instead of laying around in my virtual house.

The gear and build I’m in is by Edelweiss (Moeka Kohime) but the uniform I am wearing is by Arablest. Edelweiss as a whole set of uniforms too, but I had bought this uniform a long while back. (around Halloween last year I think) so I decided to wear this one anyway.

I killed enough titans to get a potato.

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Kaibib Resident’s Year in Review - Second Life 2013
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Kaibib Resident’s Year in Review - Second Life 2013
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This is long overdue…

Kaibib Resident’s Year in Review - Second Life 2013
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Violet needed some love.


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I’m so mad right now… all I want is the Alchemy - Dreams - Unicorn Mask in PINK from the current The Secret Affair and just ngjsnjeg because I have the entire set for Pink now except the mask and it’s bothering me for some reason. I spent too much…

If anyone has it, let me know… I’d love to trade with you for other items from the set or I’ll just buy it from you. (for pull price… which is L$100… or less.)

The one with Tomie in it was too big to upload, ah well. There’s this one with Violet dancing!

The dance is Gothic Seductress #4 by Abranimations.

Edit: Looks like the gif didn’t load!!

A buddy told me I can make gifs with Gyazo. So I did, and the first subject is dolly girl Tomie swinging~

I keep forgetting I have this avatar… I should use her more often.

hey operator? ima need a rescue squad cuz my boobs are on fire.

When people don’t give LMs to events or shops they talk about.


If it’s available, maybe you should put the LM in a link or something in a credits. I seriously wanna know because I really want to buy whatever it is you’re wearing… (Forgetting is one thing, but some folks actually have many posts like this.)

Also when people put abbreviations for the shop names in the credits too. Like… how am I supposed to know what shop this is if I don’t already know it?? Not everyone is gonna automatically know who you’re talking about.

For example: [e], (fd), RoA

Apparently, I found out that [e] is Elikatira. I’ve known for a while that (fd) is Fashionably Dead and RoA is Room of Amo. But if I was just a random reader who has never heard of these shops before, I will never know, and thus, won’t be able to go to the shops.

And if it’s a nice place to go to, or an event that is going on? I wanna know the LM please. I wanna see the thing you saw unless it was a private area or private party/event/idk.

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