October is here!!

Very tired from trying to decorate new skybox…

herd u was talkin shit

blood on the dance floor

{ Say It Thrice | credits }


Magika : Different hair styles and different color combinations. I went to see what the women thought about the changes and the quality. I talked to Stellar while she was demoing a hair style currently being sold at Magika. She said, she “liked it more than Truth”,another hair venue in Second Life. She seemed to really like the hair and was overall happy with it. From what I saw the hair venue carried many long length styles and I didn’t see a men’s section. I may have to check back on that but from what I saw the hair venue seemed to be packed and full of business.


DarkDharma Haunted Manor http://ift.tt/XUBymG Visit this location :) !

{ Rose Red | credits }

{ chariot | credits }

trying out animations @ Body Language / SLC Sweet Lovely Cute

srsly these animations are epic

there was a murder. Cute kemonos duking it out in the middle of a broken city. This is disgusting. It needs to end.

(also I think I might give names to the different skin mods I have for my kemono… or I’ll just stick with Nadja)

I seem to like breaking my AOs a lot. My avatar wouldn’t stop swimming after I TP’d into a water zone.


My buddy got a bear mod from Candy Mountain and is so fukken cute. I took pics of her in mouselook.