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trying out animations @ Body Language / SLC Sweet Lovely Cute

srsly these animations are epic

there was a murder. Cute kemonos duking it out in the middle of a broken city. This is disgusting. It needs to end.

(also I think I might give names to the different skin mods I have for my kemono… or I’ll just stick with Nadja)

I seem to like breaking my AOs a lot. My avatar wouldn’t stop swimming after I TP’d into a water zone.


My buddy got a bear mod from Candy Mountain and is so fukken cute. I took pics of her in mouselook.

@ Serenity City
I love city builds. This one has a racetrack.


*throws pokeball*

Violet is the sassmaster.

dat angle

this happened and I don’t know how or why but I love it and I laughed the hardest ever you have no idea

some gacha from Sep. 2013

Muh new profile pic! { Also outfit post. }

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